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A Century of Quality, Integrity, Leadership, and Innovation

The ACR's 100th anniversary will celebrate the world-changing achievements realized by ACR members during the centennial celebration. 
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Every time we get on the phone, you can just feel the excitement and the interest and the great ideas. It's going to be a memorable event.

—Catherine J. Everett, MD, MBA, FACR
July 22, 2022

In 2023, the ACR will celebrate a major milestone — a century of quality, integrity, leadership, and innovation. The College has formed the Centennial Steering Committee to help celebrate this historical achievement. “The 100th anniversary is a major anniversary for any organization,” says James P. Borgstede, MD, FACR, co-chair of the Committee. “This longevity demonstrates the importance of the College and its relevance to patient care and to radiologists.”

The Committee has begun planning for the centennial, starting with a celebratory gala at ACR 2023. The Committee plans to celebrate the centennial throughout 2023 into 2024. Co-Chair of the Committee Catherine J. Everett, MD, MBA, FACR, says that the Committee wants as many people as possible to be involved in the historic celebration. “We think it’s really important that we make something available for all members,” she says. “We can’t just limit it to the people who happen to be in a certain place at a certain time. The Committee is making sure the celebrations are inclusive.”

Looking Back

The Committee plans to use 2023 as a celebration of the College’s history and all that it has accomplished in the last 100 years. With so many achievements to look back on, Everett and Borgstede were able to reflect on which moments in ACR history they believe deserve recognition. “There are so many accomplishments that it’s hard to name them all,” Borgstede says. “The initial accomplishment was the vision of the College’s founding members of the necessity of an organization to promote radiologists as physician specialists and to advocate for the socioeconomic and government relations related to our specialty. The continuing emphasis on radiation safety is another.”

“The ACR has been an economic juggernaut for radiologists,” Everett adds. She noted how important the ACR has been to ensuring radiologists are fairly compensated for their work. “If we don’t get paid, we can’t ensure radiology quality and safety,” she says. “We can’t care for patients. We can’t attract the brightest and the best in our profession.”

Along with a look at the timeline of the ACR’s history, the Committee plans to recognize key contributors to the success of the College and its growth, along with history-rich trivia. Chapters and organizations that have become a staple of the College will be recognized as the Committee makes sure to highlight all accomplishments of the ACR and the role each department has played.

Looking Ahead

The 2024 portion of the centennial will look toward the future of the College. The centennial will be the time for members of the College to celebrate not only what the ACR has achieved but also the significant moments still to come. “I would like to see radiology trend toward actually managing imaging as opposed to just doing it,” Everett said. “I think we should be the leaders in helping decide what imaging studies are needed and when — not just leave that to whoever is out there putting an order in.”

“There are so many things the ACR will accomplish because the organization is vibrant and vigilant,” adds Borgstede. “In the future, the ACR will continue to promote patient-centered care and diversity and inclusion. Our interactions directly with patients are paramount, so they personally know their radiologist. The ACR must also continue to pursue quality endeavors.”

For now, the Committee is ready to get the party started. More information about the centennial celebrations will be made available on the ACR’s website so that everyone can see how they can participate. “We have several subcommittees, all of whom are just amazingly excited,” Everett says. “Every time we get on the phone, you can just feel the excitement and the interest and the great ideas. It’s going to be a memorable event.”

Author Alexander Utano  editorial assistant, ACR Press