February 21, 2022

YPS at ACR 2022: Opportunities to Learn and Engage

Neil U. Lall, MD

Hello YPS Members!

It’s hard to believe we’re coming up on three years since we’ve all gathered in person, but we are very excited to see everyone at the ACR® Annual Meeting this year!

This year’s annual meeting (ACR 2022) occurs earlier in the spring (April 24–26) at a different hotel (Washington Hilton). Registration is open through April 1 and attendance is free, so make sure to sign up! Virtual attendance will of course remain an option for those unable to attend, though importantly, voting will be restricted to those physically in attendance.

While we have a truncated time allotment for our YPS programming this year (hopefully a temporary setback), we have awesome panels lined up for Sunday morning to provide you with insights into some of our unique career paths and an opportunity to learn from our victories. To supplement these sessions, we plan to revive and build on our prior YPS webinars to provide useful information to you throughout the year in a more convenient package.

Potential webinar topics include malpractice suits, career work/life balance, job hunting during an economic slowdown, pursuit of additional training (such as an MBA), what the ACR does and the ACR’s stance on specific issues. If you are interested in any of these ideas or have additional content requests or suggestions for webinars, please send us an email or tweet, or post about it on the YPS Engage forum.

At the time of this message, the list of resolutions is not yet available, but because the YPS has co-sponsored a few, I know at least a handful of resolutions will be relevant to young and early career physicians. We will be holding a YPS caucus this year to review these relevant policies and allow everyone a chance to provide input.

Similar to last year, we are holding a pre-meeting caucus on Sunday, April 10, at 2pm ET, followed by a caucus recap in person on Sunday, April 24 at 11am ET. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the issues to best represent you. We’ll also keep the caucus simple and straightforward to provide a nice introduction for members who are new to the process.

I want to encourage all of you reading this to get more involved and help us shape our futures together. We are planning the annual YPS Executive Committee elections at the meeting this year, and the nomination form has just recently opened up. Please submit your application by March 1 to help lead us forward.