September 29, 2022

YPS Section Chair Update: 2022 Match Data and Trends in the Radiology Job Market

Ivan M. DeQuesada II, MD

Ivan M. DeQuesada II, MDI hope everyone has enjoyed the summer. The current job climate has been a boon for both newly trained radiologists as well as those in practice who might be looking for a change. The anecdotal evidence is obvious whether it’s in the large number of job postings or perhaps the recruitment difficulties you’ve seen in your own practices. And the competitiveness between employers is evident in the increasing incentives, such as generous signing bonuses and shortened partner tracks. But I would like to share some actual data about why I believe this trend will continue.

Looking at the most recent 2022 match data, there were 1,120 PGY-2 diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology spots offered in the US1. If we compare to 2018, there were 1,042 spots offered as that time. This equates to a growth rate of about 1.5% per year. However, we know from long-term data that imaging volumes grow at about 3% per year2. Our imaging volumes are growing at roughly double the rate that we are training people to do the work!

We will certainly find ways to do more work with fewer people. Structured reports, AI software and other efficiency products already reduce our work friction and will continue to improve. But we will also have to make tough choices in balancing these market forces as we strive to provide high-quality care to patients and our referring colleagues. There will undoubtedly be challenges and opportunities for all of us YPS members as we attempt to bridge this apparent training lag and safeguard a fruitful career.


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