September 15, 2021

YPS President’s Note: Making Your Voice Heard

By Neil Lall, MD

Neil U. Lall, MDHello YPS Members!

First, I would like to thank all of you who were able to join us for our first-ever virtual YPS meeting at the ACR Annual Meeting this past year. We were so glad to have such great attendance and an amazing group of speakers and panelists! We hope to see everyone in person at the 2022 meeting.

The ACR Council passed a bylaws amendment at the meeting, allowing the YPS to sponsor resolutions as a section. (Previously, resolutions had to be sponsored by the individual councilors.) This marks a big step forward in our ability to represent the collective voice of early career radiologists; if you have any issues that need addressing, please let us know and we will bring your concerns to the Council next year.

Speaking of resolutions, one of the hot button topics at the 2021 meeting was Resolution 25 on the rights of partnership-track physicians in practices undergoing major equity transactions. We've all unfortunately heard too many stories of early career radiologists who believed they were on the path to partnership, only to have the rug pulled out from under them.

While the submitted wording of this resolution did not pass the Council, a task force was assigned to further investigate the topic. This task force will ensure that your voice is heard as we address these concerns. And, this is just the beginning!

Please communicate all of your concerns by contacting me directly or posting your thoughts on the Engage YPS Community. In addition, please take two minutes to voice your opposition to the impending 2022 radiology reimbursement cuts.

While each individual voice is important, the most powerful results occur when we add them all together.