January 13, 2023

Giving ACR a Chance … and Getting Promoted!

Joshua Rider, MD

Joshua Rider, MDMy first experience with the ACR® outside of the dreaded in-service exam occurred in 2018 when I attended the annual meeting in my last year of residency. This was when I first realized the vitally important role of the ACR and my desire to be involved.

When I attended the New Mexico Society of Radiologists meeting, fall 2021, I noticed an opening for an alternate delegate. This was a wonderful opportunity to do more than just attend the state chapter meetings. I could further my involvement with the College by serving in an entry-level position. Little did I know that the primary delegates in my state would be unable to attend the ACR Annual Meeting in April 2022, and just like that, I got promoted.

While a bit unsure about parliamentary proceedings, I was looking forward to assuming my new role, and I could not wait to attend the YPS meeting.

The YPS met on Sunday morning. First up, I participated in a resolution discussion about paid family medical leave, a topic that often weighs on the minds of young radiologists contemplating the balance of work and starting a family. This was followed by another resolution pertinent to YPS members about transparency and protection for new hires. Apparently, predatory practices were hiring fledgling radiologists without disclosing a plan to sell before the new hires reached partnership. Both topics garnered robust discussion and support of the audience, especially as some members related firsthand experiences with both issues.

The jobs transitions panel, led by Nidhi Sharma, MBBD; Amy Patel, MD; Benjamin Northrup, MD; and Elizabeth Hawk, MD, MS, PhD, was next on the meeting agenda. This talk was encouraging, comforting and affirming with real-life experiences about how first jobs sometimes don’t work out as planned. Some jobs are just not the right fit, and no one is to blame — an idea that fostered empathy among attendees.

The entrepreneur panel discussion was informative, invigorating and exciting as we heard from Gautam A. Agrawal, MD; Jeffrey Chang, MD; Alysha Vartevan, DO; and McKinley Glover IV, MD, MHS, who shared insights on turning ideas into tangible working business opportunities. This inspired the audience to think beyond the interpretation of images, expanding our imagination and creativity.

All of these experiences with other YPS members at the annual meeting left me wanting more. The brief time we shared together provided me with confirmation that the ACR is committed, not only to the YPS, but also to the field of radiology as a whole. It also incentivized my desire to be more active in the College at both the local and national levels.

I am now looking forward to participating in the ACR 2023 Annual Meeting, especially Capitol Hill Day, when we can finally visit in person again with our senators and representatives to discuss the legislative issues most important to our profession. I am also looking forward to seeing even more YPS members get involved with the ACR.