September 29, 2022

Calling All YPS Radvocates!

Jennifer R. Buckley, MD, MBA, and Naziya Samreen, MD

The ACR Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN) is looking for motivated Young and Early Career Professional Section (YPS) members who are passionate about legislative and regulatory issues in radiology and looking for ways to support advocacy efforts.

What is the RAN?
The RAN is an organization comprised of over 200 radiologists and radiology trainees throughout the United States who are committed to efforts promoting advocacy and leadership in radiology. Chaired by Amy Patel, MD, the RAN Board oversees the actions of the RAN and helps to promote communication and ensure members have support for grassroots and state level advocacy efforts.

What does the RAN do?
When it comes to matters of health policy and legislation, the RAN works to advocate on behalf of radiologists and their patients. Such issues have included healthcare access, physician burnout, trainee education and physician reimbursement. Local RAN leaders are responsible for disseminating information on legislative issues to their peers and encouraging grassroot efforts such as participation in Capitol Hill Days or legislative calls-to-action.

Why does the RAN need YPS leaders?
Currently, the RAN has leaders representing each state and trainee program in the United States. This leaves a large gap for membership from the YPS, who are poised to be most affected by the outcomes of current legislative issues in radiology. As the RAN focuses its efforts on enhancing digital media and statewide, boots-on-the ground advocacy efforts, now is the time for YPS members to harness their enthusiasm and work synergistically with state and trainee RAN leaders to support advocacy efforts.

How do I get involved with the RAN?
There are so many ways to get involved in the RAN. The first step is to visit the brand-new RAN website, where you can find up-to-date information on advocacy efforts in your area and other advocacy-related information, including our Advocacy 101 series, designed to give you the tools to develop your own advocacy skills. Second, share RAN content on social media and within your practices, answer calls-to-action and contact your local representatives on radiology-related issues. Finally, consider formally volunteering as a YPS RAN leader in your state.

Thank you for your commitment to our patients and profession!