May 02, 2022

ACR 2022 Annual Meeting – YPS Recap

Ivan M. DeQuesada II, MD, YPS Chair

After 2 years of remote meetings due to COVID-19, we returned to the Washington Hilton for the ACR 2022 Annual Meeting in a hybrid remote and in-person gathering. The YPS section met in a dedicated half-day session on Sunday morning during the ACR annual meeting.

During our meeting, we first discussed the proposed resolutions with a special focus on those which were thought to be most pertinent to our section. There were great comments from attendees regarding several of the resolutions such as:

  • 13 (paid family/medical leave)
  • 14 (environmental sustainability)
  • 25 (practice ownership change)

The Job Transitions panel included Drs. Nidhi Sharma, Amy Patel, and Benjamin Northrup. All of these YPS members were invited to discuss their experiences with a job change early in their careers including challenges and advice for others.

The Entrepreneurship panel included Drs. Jeffrey Chang, Gautam Agrawal, McKinley Glover, and Alysha Vartevan. This diverse and interesting group of radiologists has found success in alternative pathways such as founding companies, consulting businesses, and assisting in legal cases. Both panels inspired robust discussion from attendees and will hopefully assist and inspire our membership in their own careers.

The ACR 2022 Annual Meeting was a great success. The business of the College was both productive and efficient, with successful passage of 49 of 51 resolutions including few amendments and sufficient debate. Notably, all resolutions sponsored by the YPS passed.