March 03, 2021

The Gift of Retirement

by John Bartow, DO

I am happy to say that I enjoyed the practice of radiology before CT, MRI, modern ultrasound and PACS. And now as I wander off into the sunset of retirement, I have finally determined my formula for successful retirement.

My simple formula is:

Family Love
+ Productive Hobby
+ Enjoyable Work
+ No Debt
= Wonderful Life

As the practice of medicine drastically changes with ever-demanding partnerships and administrators, I often felt less like a physician and more like a "cog in the machine." But now that I am working fewer hours, I can finally appreciate all that radiology has given my family throughout these 43 years.

I have never regretted being a physician and will continue to encourage my grandchildren to seek the profession. I lead by example, caring for others every day, in every way, knowing that as I do, I am showing my lineage how to prosper, grow and contribute in life.

I take this moment now to thank the medical school that gave me a start, the Navy that trained and guided me, but most importantly, I thank my wife and children for their love and devotion, making my career all the more wonderful.

With my new career as a “manny” for my grandson and granddaughters, this old radiologist couldn’t have asked for a better position.