October 25, 2021

Proud Vegetarian in the Garden

Vani Vijayakumar, MD

I was born and raised a vegetarian, and I still love cooking and eating vegetables. Yet, I had never grown vegetables until now. While other retirees dote over grandchildren, my husband and I enjoy taking care of our vegetable garden. We do not have any pets, and our nieces and nephews are too far away. Our vegetable garden is really our favorite pastime!

In the spring, we plant Indian vegetable seeds and see them sprout in a couple of months. My husband buys creeper stands for the plants that like to crawl. He adds fertilizers to all the plants, and I water them.

Gongura leaves

Snake Guard

Bottle Guard

While drinking coffee in the morning and after dinner in the evening, we tour our garden and check for any budding vegetables. We pluck them when grown and ripe. I cook some, freeze some and give some to friends. We are very proud to grow and consume homegrown Indian vegetables with no pesticides to worry about. We really enjoy this new hobby!

My husband and I enjoy sharing our love for vegetables. We are a happy, healthy couple, and we hope to continue living a long life with more stories to share with our ACR Senior and/or Retired Section!