May 30, 2023

Practicing Mindfulness

Ismail Kazem, MD, FACR

Practicing Mindfulness. Just keep telling yourself:
things will be better.
Take your smile out of the closet.
Put it on and look yourself in the mirror. What do you see? There is a happy person! Like instant coffee,
take a heaped spoonful pour the water and stir.
No. Stop. Never stare at yourself in a mirror. Shadows are better seen through a mist. Things must get better.
Sit down. Relax
and put your thoughts to bed.
Let them dream
of the better world of tomorrow.
When the sun shall shine. When all the cares are gone. And at the clap of your hands let your thoughts wake up. Instant happy thoughts
albeit in a trance!

Things are better now. Are they not?
A smiling face, a sunny day and dreams of a better world.
Thoughts as happy as a child would be with full stomach, dry bottom and a toy.
Read the label and follow: Take a deep breath let it out and smile!