November 04, 2022


Michael Kelley, MD, FACR

Painting of girl in a red dress looking down from a balcony by Michael Kelley, MD, FACR

The Girl in the Red Dress is a pastel from a photograph taken in Italy. The photo was taken by one of my radiology fellows, Curtis Green, MD. I sent him a print of the painting.

I like to look at it and wonder, “What is going on in her young mind?” 

Painting of an orange butterfly with a torn wing drinking nectar from a flower by Michael Kelley, MD, FACR
  Wounded Beauty is a watercolor based on a photograph I took in the mountains of North Carolina. This butterfly, sadly with a torn left wing, is a variety of fritillary, probably a great spangled or aphrodite type. I believe the flower is either a zinnia or a chrysanthemum.