August 03, 2020

Letter From the Chair Summer 2020

By Catherine Everett, MD, MBA, FACR

Catherine J. Everett, MD, MBA, FACRGreetings to all SRS members during the continued COVID-19 (2020) crisis. I hope you are staying safe.

The Summer SRS eNews includes all recently submitted articles and features, and I encourage you to continue submitting content. We all read each issue with great anticipation and interest.

You will be receiving a survey soon to determine the future of the SRS. We would like to know if it should continue, and if so, how you would like to see our section go forward. SRS needs to provide value to the members. We need to determine that value.

On that note, we need your help. The SRS lacks a formal structure, and the initial steering committee has long fallen by the wayside. In fact, we are largely dependent on ACR staff to keep us going. I am very grateful to Brad Short and Eileen LaGreca for keeping me motivated!

Please consider volunteering to carry our mission forward. It won’t require much effort, just ideas and oversight through a few calls.

Notice in the first story below, we announce the ACR SRS New Name Contest. Please enter your suggestions using the link provided. Perhaps we can launch an updated section and steering committee in conjunction with the NEW SRS!

Best regards,