September 13, 2021

The Ongoing Success of #SBISummerSeries

By Alisha Rathi, MD

A live, weekly panel series from the Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) features discussions from prominent breast imagers throughout the United States on varying, innovative topics in breast imaging.

The 2021 #SBISummerSeries included sessions for members at all stages of training. Below are a few of the sessions (and a quick recap of their content) this year included:

COVID-19 update: screening + vaccine:

  • Many practices had to shut down screening mammography practices during the initial rise of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, practices throughout the country have instituted safety practices and protocols to accommodate patients unable to undergo screening mammography during the rise

All-virtual fellowship interview season: what worked, what didn’t:

  • Featured attendings, fellowship program directors and residents who recently went through the application process.
  • Some programs collaborated with Graduate Medical Education and Media Relations teams for assistance with video tour.
  • Working with institution’s residency program to see what applications/software were successful with residency interviews.
  • PowerPoint presentation to discuss fellowship, didactics, call schedule, salary and other logistics. Some programs did these presentations during interview day and others sent the presentations prior to the interview.
  • Sent a pre-recorded “Meet the Faculty” session video to interviewees.
  • Conducted a separate “Meet the Fellow” live session without faculty present.
  • Virtual format:
  • Pros: Less expensive, easier scheduling due to no need for travel, reduced time away from rotations.
  • Cons: Less ideal opportunity to talk to faculty, fellows, residents and technicians in person; difficulty gauging applicant interest in program.

Breast imaging education roundtable:

  • COVID-19 pandemic effects on resident education.
  • Remote learning.
  • Introducing radiology to medical students, early on.
  • Prioritizing resident education on rotations.

Risk assessment and current screening recommendations:

  • MagView.
  • Tyrer Cuzick Model.
  • Modified Gail Model.
  • Breast imagers participating in identification of high-risk patients.
  • Breast imaging team communicating results with patients.

Breast procedures:

  • Radiology/pathology correlations.
  • Different biopsy techniques.

Breast imaging toolbox:

  • Incorporating abbreviated MRI in practice.
  • Same day reading from screening mammogram.
  • ABUS vs. hand-held breast ultrasounds.
  • State policies can also influence practice of supplemental modalities.

The sessions included practicing attendings from throughout the United States who each had a different perspective and outlook on the topics based on their institution policies.

SBI posts on Facebook and Twitter offered recordings for those unable to watch the series live.

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