August 12, 2022

Pediatric Radiology Fellowship: It’s All About Timing

Alexander Loomis, DO

Applying for fellowship was a very different experience compared to the application process for residency. I had a very unique perspective during the application season, given that I had already received an offer for a pediatric radiology position, post fellowship.

This opportunity led to an amazing feeling of accomplishment, and demonstrated the importance of your attendings having insight into your interests. This will ensure that any doors of opportunity remain open. If I had not remained open to opportunities and failed to pursue them when they arose, I would not have found my dream job so early in my career.

Pediatric radiology is one of the few fellowships that does not participate in the match. It does, however, follow the SCARD timeline, which allows programs to accept applications starting Aug. 1, and begin conducting interviews in November. Pediatric radiology programs can also extend an offer for a position the same day that you interview. While this is different than the usual match process, I didn’t have to wait very long to find out where I’d be training for fellowship.

While I did not have any particular strategy for applications, I knew I wanted to be around family and at a program that would prepare me for my future job. Knowing that programs could extend offers the same day I completed my interviews, I opted to complete all my interviews in the same week to ensure I was extended an offer at the program that was the best fit for me and my family. Through the process I learned to be organized, open and true to myself about my needs and wants from a training program.