September 15, 2021

JACR Resident Highlights — September 2021

Radiology at the Helm of Value-Based Care Transformation: From Stewardship to Leadership
Authors discuss strategies for radiologists to improve the value of care, from reducing imaging overuse to harnessing high-quality imaging to decrease avoidable use of higher risk, higher cost health care.

Handoffs in Radiology: Minimizing Communication Errors and Improving Care Transitions
Handoffs in radiology are the process of communicating patient information and transferring decision-making responsibility among clinicians, radiologists and patients. This article recommends improvement tools to minimize handoff errors and improve care transitions.

Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations From the ACR® and SBI
The article discusses and affirms the ACR and SBI recommendations for annual screening mammography starting at age 40 and without an age limit.

Oncologic Errors in Diagnostic Radiology: A 10-year Analysis Based on Medical Malpractice Claims
In a retrospective analysis, this article compares the prevalence of diagnostic allegations and malpractice cases in oncologic radiology versus those in nononcologic radiology, as well as the severity of harm related to diagnostic failures.