November 18, 2021

JACR Resident Highlights — November 2021

Factors Influential in the Selection of Radiology Residents in the Post–Step 1 World: A Discrete Choice Experiment
Authors modeled radiology resident selection and determined the relative weights of various application factors when paired with either a numerical or a pass or fail Step 1 result.

Disproportionate Use in Minor Trauma Is Driving Emergency Department Cervical Spine Imaging: An Injury Severity Score–Based Analysis
The article assesses the patterns of cervical spine imaging utilization for trauma in the emergency department.

Accelerating Development and Clinical Deployment of Diagnostic Imaging Artificial Intelligence
Authors reflect on problems with deployment of artificial intelligence in radiology and possible solutions using interactive reporting technology.

Secondary Interpretations of Diagnostic Imaging Examinations: Patient Liabilities and Out-of-Pocket Costs
Exploring the patient-billed liabilities and out-of-pocket payments for secondary interpretations of diagnostic imaging, this article discusses how these vary in relation to patient and imaging factors.