March 14, 2022

ACR® Resident Highlights — March 2022

Impact of COVID-19 on Radiology Trainee Safety, Education, and Wellness: Challenges Experienced and Proposed Solutions for the Future
Authors describe problems faced by radiology trainees during COVID-19, as well as new policies that programs adopted in response to improve wellness, safety, and education.

Case Study in Training and Education | Homeward Bound: A Comparison of Resident Case Volume on Home-Read Workstations and On-Site During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The article describes an institutional approach to pandemic limitations, having residents read from home, as well as the effect of this policy on the number of studies read by trainees.

What’s in a Name? Report of the ACR Task Force on General Radiology and Multi-Subspecialization
The task force summarizes findings regarding the scope of practice of radiologists as a category distinct to being fellowship-trained.

Moving Toward Seamless Interinstitutional Electronic Image Transfer
The article delves into a macrosystem analysis of the problem of interinstitutional medical image exchange and proposes a strategy for nudging the market toward a patient-friendly solution.