February 15, 2022

JACR® Resident Highlights — February 2022

Navigating an Interview in the Midst of Corporatization Talks
This article showcases how job interviewers would tackle the question of corporatization in a practice that will likely be merging with a corporate entity, providing key insights for interviewees.

New Ways to Quantify the Value of Diagnostic Imaging in the Era of Value-Based Health Care
Authors discuss the need for standardized health economics methods to assist in quantifying the value of diagnostic imaging as part of value-based care.

You Too? Female Radiologists’ Narratives on Discrimination and Harassment
Female radiologists share relatable examples of gender discrimination and sexual harassment in radiology with the aim of sparking discussion and resulting in interventions geared toward improvement.

Breast Imaging for Transgender Individuals: Assessment of Current Practice and Needs
Breast radiologists were surveyed regarding their practice and knowledge of screening mammography for transgender women and men, and assessed the availability of data to inform cancer screening guidelines.

Real-World Surveillance of FDA-Cleared Artificial Intelligence Models: Rationale and Logistics
Authors discuss the need of real-world surveillance strategy for implementation of artificial intelligence based on performance data from diverse clinical use sites.