August 16, 2021

JACR® Resident Highlights — August 2021

Soarin’ Into Radiology Practice—Preparing the Next Generation for Success 
Authors reflect on their experiences transitioning from training into jobs in private or academic practices and propose recommendations for training programs to ease the transition.

Empowering Women of Color to Lead and Succeed
The first African American woman vice president at Google and the first African American CBS News female correspondent full-time to the White House discuss changes needed to advance inclusion of people of color in radiology.

Coaching: A Primer for the Radiologist
This article details the mechanisms, principles and skills for coaching associated with decreased burnout and decreased emotional exhaustion.

Trustworthiness of Artificial Intelligence Models in Radiology and the Role of Explainability
AI will not replace radiologists but reshape their role to the conductor of an orchestra of AI-powered solutions. The article discusses the algorithm obstacles for radiologists to actually trust in AI.

Safely Shortening the Observation Time After CT-Guided Lung Procedures
Authors analyzed the prevalence of pneumothorax in 441 CT-guided lung biopsies and make recommendations on the need for postprocedural chest radiographs.