April 10, 2023

JACR Resident Highlights — April 2023

How to Perform Economic Evaluation in Implementation Studies: Imaging-Specific Considerations and Comparison of Financial Models
This article serves as a primer on the various ways to evaluate the economic affordability of a new initiative, beyond cost-effectiveness analysis. It underscores the importance of framing the study for the local decision makers and stakeholders.

Addressing the Challenges of Implementing Artificial Intelligence Tools in Clinical Practice: Principles From Experience
Here we are introduced to some of the delays preventing widespread and rapid adoption of the ever-increasing multitude of AI-based solutions and platforms.

A Framework for Developing Health Equity Initiatives in Radiology
Learn how to implement and measure your DEI initiatives to ensure they are making a meaningful impact. Implementation science studies the methods that promote the uptake of evidence-based practice for use by practitioners and policymakers.

Conquering Educational Mountains: Maintaining a Radiology Clinical Education Track
Emory University Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences established a clinical education track for its radiology residency to meet the continued need for invested radiology educators and provide professional development to residents with an interest in teaching.