April 18, 2022

JACR® Resident Highlights — April 2022

Patient Race or Ethnicity and the Use of Diagnostic Imaging: A Systematic Review
Authors review the available literature about the use of diagnostic imaging for racial minority patients and potential strategies to reduce the inequitable use of diagnostic imaging.

Value of Second-Opinion Interpretation of Outside-Facility Breast Imaging Studies to a Radiology Department and Cancer Center
Authors estimate the physician work effort for formal breast radiology second-opinion reports of outside imaging and compare it to a per-report credit system to estimate the value of services provided and make observations about appropriate reimbursement.


As Mergers and Acquisitions Surge, Beware the Pitfalls
The article delves into the effects of mergers and acquisitions on practice personnel.

The Business of Artificial Intelligence in Radiology Has Little to Do With Radiologists
The article evaluates the impact of healthcare setting business practices in the implementation of artificial Intelligence in radiology practices, to date.