August 11, 2020

#SBISummerSeries Recap

By Eda Dou, MD, chief resident, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center and committee member, Society of Breast Imaging Resident and Fellows Section

Eda Dou, MD headshot

Over the past nine weeks, the Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) has kept the breast imaging community connected through weekly live panel discussions featuring leading breast imagers from across the U.S. on all things related to breast imaging.

Topics have ranged from what breast imaging centers are doing to ensure patient safety during the pandemic, to issues more relevant to members-in-training, such as tips on applying for breast imaging fellowship, how to be successful in fellowship, and how to make a smooth transition from fellow to attending.

Some of these helpful tips include:

  • Applying to the breast imaging fellowship
    • Reach out to current and former fellows on social media or through mutual contacts to gain insight on the breast imaging fellowship experience.
    • Test your electronic setup prior to your virtual interview, including the internet connection and background noise.
    • Ask questions at your interview, like:
      • What are the teaching and research opportunities for fellows?
      • What types of clinical sites and patient populations will you be serving?
      • From the program’s perspective, what defines a good fellow?
  • How to be successful in fellowship
    • Take ownership of every study, commit to a decision, and vocalize your line of reasoning to build your sense of confidence and autonomy.
    • Work closely with the US, MRI, and mammography RTs, who have a wealth of knowledge and can teach you practical tips on how to troubleshoot challenging cases.
    • Set aside time to follow up on your cases, particularly in screening mammography. Radiologic-pathologic correlation will be helpful in refining your skills.
  • How to transition smoothly from fellow to attending
    • Identify what types of studies you will be interpreting in your future practice and personalize your fellowship year to build up these skills. For example, if you will be reading general radiology studies in private practice, take advantage of moonlighting opportunities in fellowship.
    • Hone in on building your clinical skills first before investing time in extracurricular projects such as research and teaching.
    • Take the time to learn the culture of the practice, workflow, and people. This will not only make your workday more enjoyable, but will also help inform how you can bring about meaningful change to the practice.

Prior episodes of the #SBISummerSeries include:

  • June 15: Importance of resuming screening mammography
  • June 22: High-risk lesions: an overview of current management, guidelines, and temporary changes made in response to COVID-19
  • June 29: Identifying breast cancer risks and risk reduction
  • July 6: What breast imaging centers are doing to ensure patient safety
  • July 13: How to be successful in breast imaging fellowship
  • July 20: Making the transition from breast imaging fellow to attending
  • July 27: Applying for breast imaging fellowship and how COVID-19 has changed the process
  • August 3: Breast cancer screening statistics & screening options/alternatives
  • August 10: What questions to ask at a breast imaging appointment

If you weren’t able to watch the series live, you can access recordings of prior episodes on SBI’s Facebook page and on YouTube.

Lastly, stay tuned for the upcoming release of the “SBI Guide to the Breast Imaging Fellowship Match” for more tips on navigating the fellowship match, and, as always, reach out on SBI Connect with any questions or concerns — we’re here to help!