October 19, 2021

ACR RLI Summit 2021: Pearls of Wisdom

By Amina Farooq, MD, Radiology Resident, North-Shore and Long Island Jewish/Mather Hospital at Northwell Health

I discovered many pearls of wisdom at the 2021 ACR Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI) Summit, despite it being virtual, which I am happy to share below.

But first, I want to note that beyond the discussions, lectures and activities curated for the leadership summit, it was a unique experience because it brought radiologists at different stages of their training and career, in different practice models and with unique backgrounds, all together to share ideas. There is something so enriching about being in a room of people who are all smarter than you in some way.

The richness of the experience as a resident was positively overwhelming, but I’ll leave you with the following summary:

  • Look for mentors and sponsors at your first job.
    • Network up, down and around.
  • Research your practice needs in advance.
    • What is keeping your boss or leadership up at night?
    • What are the problems your team is trying to solve?
  • At specific junctions in your career, ask yourself: Does your current institution and position offer you the tools you need to be successful?

These are a few of the takeaways that stood out to me as a resident, and I hope you consider attending next year’s RLI Summit!