September 18, 2023

2023 Intersociety Summer Conference: Timely Challenges and Opportunities

Michael X. Jin, MD, MBA, and Rebecca Scalabrino, DO, ACR Member-in-Training Representatives for the Intersociety Summer Conference

The 2023 Intersociety Summer Conference, Aug. 4–6, brought together general and subspecialty radiologists, physicists and nuclear medicine physicians to discuss and address critical issues in the field of radiology.

The conference highlighted salient topics that reflect the evolving landscape of the radiology profession, including timely challenges and opportunities for innovation and improvement. Active involvement and support of the ACR Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) were recognized as vital for the successful implementation of these initiatives.

Topics discussed included:

  • The fundamental role of the ACR in representing and advocating on behalf of the radiology profession.
  • Nonphysician encroachment on independent imaging interpretation.
  • The No Surprises Act and fair compensation.
  • Market demand for the return of the ABR oral exam.
  • The necessity for trainees to graduate competent in core general radiology procedures.
  • Leveraging AI to streamline efficiency.
  • Inappropriate imaging and the exponential increase in clinical volumes.
  • The radiologist shortage and associated physician burnout/moral injury.

Key Takeaways for RFS Members
We are the future of the profession. Let’s continue to encourage our fellow radiology trainees to get involved with ACR RFS! There are countless opportunities for leadership, networking and mentorship (for example, the Radiology Leadership Institute®). Get involved on organizational subcommittees. Leverage the visibility offered by social media to advocate for the radiologic profession and promote evidence-based research and cancer screening.

Do you have innovative solutions for some of the wicked problems facing radiology today? Engage with ACR RFS and let your voice be heard by sending us an email or a Twitter message @ACRRFS.