PIER Internship Testimonials

2022 ACR PIER Internship Testimonials

My experience at PIER was transformative in my pursuit of becoming a radiologist one day. Not only did we get to learn from world-renowned radiologists across all subspecialtites, the connections formed by this program are invaluable. Working alongside my mentor on a Case-in-point project allowed me to continue the mentorship after the conclusion of PIER. Having a great mentor is essential for success as a medical student, and the PIER program has a personalized process to match students with incredible mentors who not only match up with their professional goals, but also personal goals as well. After the conclusion of the PIER program I have continued radiology research pursuits with the Road2IR team in Tanzania-a fantastic group of physicians who are bringing access to radiology in Africa. Participating in such a unique opportunity would not have been possible without the PIER program. If you are a medical student and even slightly curious about radiology, apply to this program!

– Lydia Grubic

My experience as a 2022 PIER scholar was definitely educational while also being extremely fun. The effort put into organizing the virtual webinars was evident, and the enthusiasm from Dr. Johnson, our speakers, and our cohort was contagious! It was always nice to start off our days with a song specially chosen to align with our topics of the day. During webinars, engaging in questions on cases and imaging from a variety of areas was a great learning experience.

I also feel very lucky to have been matched with 3 amazing mentors in different subspecialties for my Case-in-Point. My mentors created a weekly mini webinar series that we went through 1:1, which was a great way for me to get my questions answered and to develop connections. Through PIER, I was exposed to subspecialities I previously had not known existed and learned more about myself and my interests within the field. Overall, I am so grateful to have participated in the ACR PIER Program and to have had the opportunity to explore the many avenues that can lead to a future in radiology.

– Neha Gupta

PIER was a phenomenal opportunity to gain exposure to an array of Radiology subspecialties. The program coordinators have truly constructed a unique opportunity to learn about Radiology and everything it has to offer in a welcoming and friendly environment. I was able to see black and brown physicians from across the world thrive in a field I once knew little about. Because of the PIER summer internship, I now have relationships with other medical students who share similar goals as well as kind radiologists. PIER has solidified my desire to practice radiology and has also helped me find my niche in the field.

– Monique Westley

2021 ACR PIER Internship Testimonials

Annelise Silva, Ed.M.

Headshot My experience as a PIER scholar was truly the major highlight of my medical school experience thus far. From day one, I was welcomed with open arms by this incredible community of world-class radiology leaders who could not have been more enthusiastic to support me in my journey. I saw the radiological sciences like I never could have imagined as we spent each week exploring diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, radiation oncology, and more. The didactic lectures helped me better understand the fields themselves and how we, in this field, have the potential to drive an even greater social impact on the inequities that still exist in healthcare and society. Yet, the best part of the PIER program is the community I now find myself connected to. I gained a whole cohort of new friends to share my passion for radiology with and cheer on through medical school. I also gained two new outstanding mentors in Dr. Michele Johnson and Dr. Yi An, who taught me not only nuanced aspects such as interdisciplinary care, but also lessons on how to find my professional voice in this space. This is the kind of program that changes your life, and I could not have been more honored to be a part of it.


Alexander Martinek

I am a second-year medical student attending Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. I am interested in Radiology and IR because of how they intersect health and technology to improve how we diagnose, treat, and support our patients. Prior to starting medical school, I did not understand how diverse and vast the field of Radiology is but engaging with the ACR’s PIER program has been an informative and rewarding experience that has confirmed that I want to practice medicine as a Radiologist. One highlight of this program for me involved learning about ways we continue to innovate procedures and medical devices to improve patients’ quality of life with minimally invasive methods that can reduce recovery time and procedure cost for patients. The PIER program demonstrated in these webinars that the future of Radiology is exciting, and I look forward to making a multi-faceted positive impact on patient care. I am thankful that the PIER program was continued with the virtual format despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The PIER program also matched me with amazing mentors that I enjoyed working with on the Case-in-Point, and I look forward to continuing to learn from them. Thank you Dr. Gichoya, Dr. Newsome, and Dr. West!  Headshot


Ruixue Zhang

Headshot The ACR PIER program has changed my life. As a medical student from a school that does not offer a lot of radiology mentorship, this program provided me with numerous resources and connections. I learnt a lot about radiology as a specialty, the subspecialties include IR and Radiation Oncology and all the various possibilities this field presents. I also felt more comfortable interpreting imaging studies and presenting cases after this program. Last but not least, I got the opportunity to volunteer in Tanzania with the Road2IR initiative after this program and gained valuable experience! The mentorship continues even after the program finishes, I feel much more confident applying to radiology residency knowing I have the support from all the mentors I met in this program. Thank you ACR for this amazing opportunity and special thanks to Dr. Michele Johnson and all the staff for the support!


Laura Minton

The ACR’s purpose is “to serve patients and society by empowering members to advance the practice, science, and professions of radiological care”. This statement transformed to action through the PIER program this summer, where 14 students across the US attended hundreds of lectures together. I enjoyed hearing about the vast range of options in radiology; I really feel like there is a place for me and my specific strengths, passions, and interests. I now have pages and pages of radiological notes, sometimes disheartening but motivating socioeconomic health disparity data, and the contact information of some of the most dedicated radiologists in the US. With my mentors, I was able to attend weekly shadowing sessions, engage in 1:1 resident-level presentations, work on research projects, speak 1:1 with program directors and women in radiology across the country, and write a Case-In-Point publication. I also enjoyed participating in many other rewarding sessions, including one with a panel of radiologists in Tanzania who have been true world changers by transforming their vision of an IR program into a reality. By the end of the summer, I felt like I had support all over the US by a family of diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, and radiation oncology physicians who truly care about their patients, their profession, and about the future of radiology, which I hope will include me! Headshot


Priya Rao

Headshot   I am currently a second-year medical student at SUNY Upstate Medical University, and I am so happy to have come across this amazing opportunity and grateful to have been selected to be a PIER 2021 Scholar. I came into medical school with initially interest in radiology, however, I really wanted to learn more about the specialty. The PIER Internship gave me that and much more- it provided me the opportunity to truly immerse myself in the diverse field of radiology from both a clinical and research standpoint, a field that I would not be able to experience otherwise until the third and fourth year of medical school. I not only gained tremendous insight into the various subspecialties of radiology, but also was able to engage one on one with incredible mentors on a specific research Case-in-Point project that I presented at the end of the program! The virtual program was very well organized, and I learned so much every week alongside a great cohort! Overall, the PIER internship was such a rewarding experience and solidified my desire to pursue a career in radiology!

2020 ACR PIER Internship Testimonials

I am a second-year medical student at Meharry Medical College in Nashville – but born in India and raised in Canada! My interest in radiology and medicine overall stems from my father who previously practiced in DR. My fascination regarding radiology grew as I heard his stories of practicing in DR and also learned of the immense advancements in this field since he was a medical student. Additionally, I am always interested in learning about how various imaging modalities are used to diagnose and/or manage a plethora of diseases. Building on my interest, I was honored to be accepted to the PIER program. Although the 2020 PIER Internship went virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am very grateful to have met and worked with two strong female breast radiologists and my mentors, Dr. Sieck and Dr. Birch. Being a PIER intern over the summer, I was able to learn about several radiology subspecialties, including IR, emergency radiology, neuroradiology and more. I also discussed a unique breast imaging case with my mentors to have it published on the ACR Case-in-Point site as well as met other PIER interns across the country who share the same intrigue for radiology as I do. The PIER experience not only emphasized that radiologists are crucial to medicine, but they also collaborate with virtually all other medical specialties and patients themselves to provide optimal health care. I am truly thankful for all of the knowledge, encouragement and additional opportunities PIER has given me and I am certainly excited to pursue a career in radiology!

– Tonuka (Tina) Chatterjee


I am currently a second-year medical student at Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C. I hadn’t previously considered radiology as a specialty option before starting medical school. Throughout my first-year anatomy course, I gained experience with viewing radiographs of different modalities, using radiology software, and discussing cases in small group sessions. These opportunities were eye-opening. I did not realize how pivotal radiology is in the field of medicine. I knew I wanted to spend my summer learning more about the field, which is why I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to participate in the ACR PIER Summer Internship Program. During the summer of 2020, the PIER program switched to a virtual format due to COVID19 restrictions. Although I did not have the privilege of meeting my cohort and mentor in person, the virtual program was even more than I imagined. I participated in weekly webinars which taught me how to recognize normal and abnormal imaging findings. I learned how to think like a radiologist, specifically when deciding the best imaging options for a patient. This summer taught that the radiology community is a supportive group of people who truly care about the well-being of their patients. Outside of the weekly webinars, I spent the summer working with my preceptor, Dr. Michele Johnson, writing up a case report on Neurofibromatosis. I presented the case at the National Medical Association virtual conference. The PIER program was a valuable experience and has greatly enhanced my interest in pursuing a career in radiology. I feel blessed for the mentorship and guidance that I received this summer. Overall, I am excited about the possibility of becoming a radiologist!

– Kayla Davis


I’m so happy to have been part of the PIER 2020 Cohort. The program was incredibly well run even in spite of the necessary adjustments due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. I am thankful to have been placed with incredible mentors who were deeply committed to my success, and to have had the opportunity to learn about the various paths the fields of radiology, radiation oncology, and interventional radiology have to offer. This program was rewarding, and the effort and love that went into the education of the PIER Scholars was palpable. I can only imagine how incredibly exciting future PIER programs will be!

–  Zoee D’Costa


I am a second-year medical student attending Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. I became interested in radiology right before medical school, when a family member had to undergo a procedure done by an interventional radiologist, and I had the opportunity to talk to them about their line of work. The interest grew during my time in medical school, where X-ray, CT, and MRI images are incorporated into the courses to visualize the normal and abnormal processes within the human body.

I am appreciative of how those at the ACR worked hard to flip the PIER program to a virtual format and give all of us participants exposure to all of the radiological professions. Every Friday brought a new knowledge to me in radiology and radiation oncology from so many professionals across the country. I was also paired with Dr. Nwawka at the Hospital for Special Surgery as my mentor, and upon expressing my interest in learning more about ultrasound imaging, she took her time with me to explain how it works and help me develop a Case-in-Point based on that. All in all, the ACR PIER program as a whole has made this summer in quarantine very fulfilling and has helped me to choose radiology as the specialty I will pursue.

– Alena Nixon


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