Virtual Escape Room FAQ

How much does the virtual Escape Room cost?

The virtual escape room is provided free of charge.  You can contact us for more information and to get started at:

I have a large group of participants, how would this work?

We suggest breaking the group into teams of 10 – 15 players. For collaboration tools that have the option for breakout rooms, gather all the participants together in one meeting. Explain the purpose of the escape room, the rules and answer questions. Use the breakroom rooms to then separate the large group into the smaller teams.

How does the virtual escape room work?

Teams use a collaboration tool such as Zoom, Go To Meeting, Teams, etc. to host a virtual meeting. During the meeting, the room monitor or one of the team members will open the escape room form that contains all the puzzles and riddles and share it on screen. Other team members will have access to the clues packet to help solve the puzzles. Together all the players will work through the puzzles, enter the answers on the form to solve the escape room.

What do I need to run the escape room?

You will be provided with all of the resources needed to run the room including a leader guide and the links to the puzzle form and clues packet.  You can contact us for more information and to get started at:

How much time do I need to reserve for the room?

Our escape rooms have been created to take around 1 hour. The time for the team does depend upon their engagement, previous escape room experience and basic problem solving / puzzle solving skills.

What is a room monitor?

We have found that it is beneficial to have someone who is familiar with the escape room puzzles and outside of the team participants to be included in the escape room. The room monitor would assist in any questions on using the collaboration tool as well as help the participants if they get “stuck” on a particular puzzle. There is a leaders guide that the room monitor can use that contains all of the puzzle answers if needed. The room monitor can also use the puzzles as teaching moments especially for the imaging and knowledge puzzles.

My students have no radiology knowledge, can they participate?

Yes, there is a level specifically provided for those that do not have any radiology knowledge. Any puzzles that contain radiology information contain clues that will help them solve the puzzles.

Can I use the escape room for my residents?

Yes, there is a level that has been created which requires basic radiology knowledge.  You can contact us for more information and to get started at: