Innovation Fund FAQ

At this time, our Board has decided to suspend grant funding until further notice.

Innovation Fund Grants will be awarded to support untested, uncommon and distinctive ideas and activities that lead to groundbreaking efforts that align with and support the goals and objectives of the ACR Strategic Plan.

Get answers below to frequently asked questions about the program.

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Who is eligible to apply for an Innovation Fund grant?

Current ACR members and staff are eligible to apply for an Innovation Fund grant.

What if I do not know which ACR commission best aligns with my proposal?

Choose the commission or EVP with which you believe your proposal is best aligned. If it is determined that the letter of intent was submitted to the incorrect commission or EVP, the ACR Innovation Fund staff will route the submission to the correct commission or EVP.

What information do I need to provide in the one-page Executive Summary?

The one-page Executive Summary must describe how the proposal is innovative; how it aligns with the ACR Strategic Plan and the ACR Core Purpose; affirm that the project can be completed within one year and provide evidence of the innovator’s track record of taking similar projects to completion.

What is the deadline to submit the Letter of Intent and grant applications?

Due to the financial impact of COVID-19 pandemic, our Board has decided to delay issuance of grant funding at this time. We hope to reinstate the Innovation Fund process later in 2020 but must allocate our resources to primary ACR activities at this time.

When will I receive notification of whether or not my LOI has been approved?

You will receive notification that the Letter of Intent has been approved for the application process no later than January 10 for the February application period and July 15 for the August application period.

What do I do once I have received approval of my Letter of Intent?

Once your Letter of Intent has been approved, you may proceed with the application process. 

If my Letter of Intent was not approved, can I revise and resubmit?

You may be able to resubmit depending on the reason the Letter of Intent was not approved.

Who do I contact at ACR if I need more assistance?

Email the applicable ACR commission staff regarding specific proposal content. For questions regarding the submission process, email