2021 ACR Fellows – May 2021 Convocation

ACR Fellowship is awarded to members of the College in good standing who have demonstrated service to ACR; evidenced significant accomplishments in scientific or clinical research in the field of radiology; made significant contributions to literature; and/or provided outstanding work as a teacher of radiology. Only 15 percent of current College members have been awarded this honor.

Fellowship is awarded to diagnostic radiologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists, medical physicists, and nuclear medicine physicians at the Convocation held during the ACR annual meeting. Learn more about Fellowship process »

The degree of Fellow of the American College of Radiology has been conferred on the members listed below who have been approved and elected by the ACR Board of Chancellors.

New ACR Fellows – May 2021

Kevin J. Abrams, MD
Richard Glenn Abramson, MD, MHCDS
Yoshimi Anzai, MD
Elizabeth Kagan Arleo, MD
Nafi Aygun, MD
Amitabha Banerjee, MD
Carol P. Becker, MD
William W. Beckett Jr., MD
Andrew John Bierhals, MD, MPH
Charles W. Bower, MD
Miriam A. Bredella, MD
James H. Brown, Jr. MD
Michael H. Brown, MD
Charles Thomas Burke, MD
Marc Anthony Camacho, MD, MS
Betty Ann Caravella, MD
Sherri H. Chafin, MD
Raja Sekhar Cheruvu, MD
Wui K. Chong, MBBS
Jonathan Daniel Clemente, MD
Chintan Desai, MD
Karin Evelyn Dill, MD
Steven Don, MD
Michelle Dorsey, MD, MPH
David B. Ecanow, MD
Carolyn Sharyn Eisen, MD
Nina Fabiszewski, MD
Thomas Henry Farquhar, MD, PhD
Fiona Mary Fennessy, MBChB, PhD
Kathleen Case Finzel, MD
Michael Allen Foster, MD
Donald F. Frei Jr., MD
Rosemary Thompson Gallagher, MA
Ajeet Dhaya Gordhan, MD
Jennifer E. Gould, MD
David O. Griffith, MD
Alexander Savio Ramos Guimaraes, MD, PhD
Hilarie Joyce Gutierrez, MD
Adam R. Guttentag, MD
John Albin Haggstrom, MD
Glenn I. Hananouchi, MD
Cynthia Webre Hanemann, MD
E. Michael Harned, MD
James B. Harris, MD
Ray Hashemi, MD, PhD
Georges Hatoum, MD
Howard Todd Heller, MD
Ariel E. Hirsch, MD
Rodney Harold Hobbs Jr., MD
Arnold B. Honick, MD
J. Paul Jacobson, MD, MPH
Mary Ellen Jafari, MS
Bryan Thomas Jennings, MD
Annette Ingram Joe, MD
Candice Johnstone, MD, MPH
Barry H. Katz, MD, MBA
Faraz Adil Khan, MD
Asim Khwaja, MD
Ania Zofia Kielar, MD
Danny C. Kim, MD
Jacobo Kirsch, MD, MBA
Alan K. Klitzke, MD
Marynelle J. Klumpe, MD
James Kogan, MD
Kamal Kothari, MD
Tushar G. Kothari, MD
Manickam Kumaravel, MD
William T. Kuo, MD
David Micah Kushner, MD
Andrew B. Landes, MD
Jill Eve Langer, MD
J. H. Edmund Lee, MD
Jiyon Lee, MD
Van L. Lewis, MD
John R. Leyendecker, MD
Alexander Patrick LoRusso, MD
Join Yang Luh, MD
Stephen C. Machnicki, MD

Lee Allen Madeline, MD
Michael Thomas Madison, MD
Andrew C. Mancall, MD
Balu S. Mani, MD, MBA
David Alan May, MD
Barbara Michele McCorvey, MD
Barry Charles McNulty, MD
Angela María Méndez de Guzmán, MD
John E. Mignano, MD, PhD
Mary Eleanor Moore, MS, M.Ed.
Ryan D. Murtagh, MD
Timothy Vernon Myers, MD
Jeremy Binh Nguyen, MD
John L. Nosher, MD
Thomas Wooten Oliver Jr., MD
Suzanne L. Palmer, MD
Samir Parikh, MD, MBA
Jinha Mark Park, MD, PhD
Nayana U. Patel, MD
Stephen Patrick Penor, MD
John Castro Pestaner, MD
Jay J. Pillai, MD
Ejaz Rahim-Chaudry, MD
Donna M. Reeve, MS
Carlin Ann Ridpath, MD
Eric A. Roberge, MD
Eric Michael Rohren, MD, PhD
Donald F. Romanelli Jr., MD
William Joseph Romano, MD
Veronica Josephine Mueller Rooks, MD
David A. Rosman, MD, MBA
Howard A. Rowley, MD
Thomas G. Ruckdeschel, MS
Afshin A. Safa, MD
Robert K. Saito, MD
Ehsan Samei, PhD
Shekhar S. Sane, MD
Francis J. Schlueter, MD
Thomas Marion Seay, MD
Amir K. Sepahdari, MD
Samir S. Shah, MD, MMM
Akash Sharma, MD, MBA
Amita Sharma, MD
Lucas Michael Sheldon, MD
Sandra R. Shuffett, MD
Paul B. Shyn, MD
Alan Siegel, MD, MS
Partha Sinha, MBBS, MBA
Eric M. Spitzer, MD
Ashok Srinivasan, MD
Todd Howard Steinberg, MS
Craig W. Stevens, MD, PhD
Charles Allen Stillman, DO
Niteen Sukerkar, MD
Maryellen R.M. Sun, MD
Betsy L. Sussman, MD
Benjamin H. Taragin, MD
Christopher L. Tillotson, MD, BS
James Tomlinson, MS
Alexander J. Towbin, MD
Robert N. Troiano, MD
Richard J. Van Allan, MD
Peter H. Van Geertruyden, MD
Matthew T. Walker, MD
Matthew Ryan Wanner, MD
Joshua L. Weintraub, MD
Mark Weiss, MD
Richard H. Wiggins III, MD
Robert James Witte, MD
Mark D. Wittry, MD
Andrij R. Wojtowycz, MD
Paul W. Wong, MD
Clifford Kiely Yang, MD
Michael J. Yunes, MD
Thomas J. Yuschok, MD
Imad Talib Zak, MBBS
Vanessa M. Zayas-Colon, MD
Jack A. Ziffer, MD, PhD




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