2020 ACR Fellows – May 2020 Convocation

ACR Fellowship is awarded to members of the College in good standing who have demonstrated service to ACR; evidenced significant accomplishments in scientific or clinical research in the field of radiology; made significant contributions to literature; and/or provided outstanding work as a teacher of radiology. Only 10 percent of College members have been awarded this honor.

Fellowship is awarded to diagnostic radiologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists, medical physicists, and nuclear medicine physicians at the Convocation held during the ACR annual meeting. Learn more about Fellowship process »

The degree of Fellow of the American College of Radiology has been conferred on the members listed below who have been approved and elected by the ACR Board of Chancellors.

New ACR Fellows – May 2020

Charles Michael Able, MS
Scot Nevin Ackerman, MD
Brent H. Adler, MD
Kimberly Ann Apker, MD
Susan M. Ascher, MD
Jerry Lee Barker Jr., MD
Douglas J. Bates, MD
Andrea A. Birch, MD
Jonathan D. Broder, MD
Bruce Edward Burton, MD
Laura Rachel Carucci, MD
Kevin Jeffrey Chang, MD
Jeffrey P. Chapdelaine, MD
Chee-Wai Cheng, PhD
Daniel M. Chernoff, MD, PhD
Bernard Chow, MD,CM
Jay P. Ciezki, MD
Robert O. Cone III, MD
Jennifer Marie Cutts, MD
Donna D. D'Alessio, MD
Donald G. Detweiler, MD
Roberta Maria diFlorio-Alexander, MD, MS
George R. Dixson, MD
Vikram S. Dogra, MD
Edwin F. Donnelly, MD, PhD
David H. Dungan, MD
Thomas James Eichler, MD
Roy James Fertakos, MD
Jeff L. Fidler, MD
Ethan Bradley Foxman, MD, PhD
Christopher J. Francois, MD
Sarah Maier Friedewald, MD
Christophe Pierre Frouge, MD, PhD
Robert Charles Gibbs, MD
David A Golden, MD
Elizabeth M. Gore, MD
Michael S. Gossman, MS
Robert Joseph Graziano, MD
Mark Earl Grossnickle, MD
Deborah Z. Gunderson, MD
Horacio Gutierrez, MD
Chul S. Ha, MD
Matthew T. Heller, MD
Keith David Hentel, MD, MS
Todd Michael Hertzberg, MD
Jeanne G. Hill, MD
Kenneth Clarke Hite, MD
Daniel Joseph Hoefer, MD
Alan Jay Holz, MD
Rebecca Lee Hulett Bowling, MD
Alberto Iaia, MD
Christopher Alden Jackson, MD
Diego Jaramillo, MD, MPH
Robert Arno Jesinger, MD
Jeffrey Paul Kanne, MD
Hyun Sik Kim, MD
Cheryl Lipowitz Kirby, MD
David S. Kirsch, MD
Mark A. Kliewer, MD
Beth M. Kline-Fath, MD
John Marshall Knudsen, MD

Peter D. Koplyay, MD
Roman Michael Kowalchuk, MD, PhD
David Bradley Kozlov, MD
Larry A. Kramer, MD
Glenn A. Krinsky, MD
Susan Kroner, MD
Joan M. Lacomis, MD
Calvin Thomas Leuschen, MD
John P. Livoni, MD, MPH
Elizabeth Vimala Macedo, MD
Charles P. Magal, MD
Neal Mandell, MD
Carol M. Marquez, MD
James Austin Martin, MD
Hussein Mohammad Matari, MD
Harlan D. Meyer, MD
Tan-Lucien Hassan Mohammed, MD
Johnny U. V. Monu, MB, BS; MS
William Brian Morrison, MD
Brian F. Mullan, MD
James A. Nepute, MD
Michael Thomas O'Loughlin, MD
Pari Vijay Pandharipande, MD, MPH
Thomas Ptak, MD, PhD, MPH
Scott A. Raber, MD
Martin G. Radvany, MD
Gautham P. Reddy, MD, MPH
John Herbert Rees, MD
Paul N. Renton Jr., MD
Mark F. Rich, MD
Russell Lynn Roberts Jr., MD
Michael Steven Rosenberg, MD
Eric Matthew Rubin, MD
Caryl G. Salomon, MD
Karla Arabela Sepulveda, MD
Sabah-e-Noor Servaes, MD
Barry Ostby Sewall, MD, MS
Kathleen Louise Shide, MD
J. Keith Smith, MD, PhD
Michael Anthony Smith, MD
Michael S. Stecker, MD
Jason M. Stoane, MD, MBA
John F. Stoll, MD
Melvin Stone, MD
Christopher M. Straus, MD
Jeffrey L. Sunshine, MD, PhD
Tom Xiaolin Tan, MD
Stefan Tigges, MD
Temel Tirkes, MD
Michael J. Tsapakos, MD, PhD
Brian A. Tschumper, MD
Mark Edward Vaughn, MD
Jorge Alberto Vidal, MD
Robert M. Weinfeld, MD
David C. Wells, MD
Dana H. Whaley, MD
Bradley Lynn Williams, MD
Bruce Wollman, MD
Gary W. Wood, MD
Wei-Tse Yang, MBBS, MS

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The degree of Fellow of the American College of Radiology has been conferred on these candidates by the ACR Board of Chancellors.

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