New ACR Fellows — April 2024

ACR Fellowship is awarded to members of the College in good standing who have demonstrated service to ACR; evidenced significant accomplishments in scientific or clinical research in the field of radiology; made significant contributions to literature; and/or provided outstanding work as a teacher of radiology. Only 15 percent of current College members have been awarded this honor.

Fellowship is awarded to diagnostic radiologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists, medical physicists, and nuclear medicine physicians at the Convocation held during the ACR annual meeting. Learn more about Fellowship process »

The degree of Fellow of the American College of Radiology has been conferred on the members listed below who have been approved and elected by the ACR Board of Chancellors.

2024 ACR Fellows — April 2024 Convocation

Todd Abruzzo, MD, FACR
Gholamali Afshang, MD, FACR
Riffat Khalid Ara Ahmed, MD, FACR
Alvin A. Almodovar, MD, FACR
Maxwell Ramirez Amurao, PhD, MBA, FACR
Catherine Margaret Appleton, MD, FACR
Isamettin A. Aral, MD, MS, FACR
David J. Axelrod, MD, FACR
Matthew Thomas Baldwin, MD, FACR
Dianna M. E. Bardo, MD, FACR
Juan C. Batlle, MD, MBA, FACR
Francesca Dione Beaman, MD, FACR
Daniel R. Bednarek, PhD, FACR
Lily Marie Belfi, MD, FACR
Brian Donald Berger, MD, FACR
Christopher Adam Boals, MD, FACR
Evan J. Boote, PhD, FACR
John Joseph Borsa, MD, FACR
Joseph Bovi, MD, FACR
Timothy Alan Brant, MD, FACR
David Brousseau, MD, FACR
Marc Brown, MD, FACR
Travis Glenn Browning, MD, FACR
Gwendolyn Michelle Bryant-Smith, MD, FACR
Keith R. Burnett, MD, FACR
William Forrest Carson, MD, FACR
Eric L. Chang, MD, FACR
Joe Yujiao Chang, MD, MS, PhD, FACR
Teresa Chapman, MD, FACR
Angela I. Choe, MD, FACR
Arabinda K. Choudhary, MBBS, FACR
Nathaniel Ai-Hsi Chuang, MD, FACR
Pedro Collazo-Ornes, MD, FACR
Gerard A. Compito, MD, FACR
Estelle Cooke-Sampson, MD, FACR
Scott S. Coyne, MD, FACR
Julianna M. Czum, MD, FACR
Sean R. Dariushnia, MD, FACR
Douglas DeCorato, MD, FACR
Amanda Demetri Lewis, DO, FACR
Shobha P. Desai, MD, FACR
Paresh B. Desai, MD, FACR
Christian Lee Dewald, MD, FACR
Alexander Ding, MD, FACR
Richard Kinh Gian Do, MD, PhD, FACR
Heidi A .Edmonson, PhD, FACR
Jutta M. Ellermann, MD, PhD, FACR
Brett D. Ferdinand, MD, FACR
Andrew Joel Fisher, MD, FACR
Herman Flink, MD, FACR
Efren J. Flores, MD, FACR
Francesco Florio, DO, FACR
Kathryn J. Fowler, MD, FACR
Dominic F. Frecentese, MD, FACR
David G. Fry, MD, FACR
Frederick John Gabriele, MD, FACR
Hillary Warren Garner, MD, FACR
Paula Y. George, MD, FACR, MA
Dorothy Leigh Gilbertson, MD, FACR
Eric L. Gingold, PhD, FACR
Charles R Gosnell, MD, FACR
Garth Prinsloo Graham, MD, FACR
Gretchen Elizabeth Green, MD, FACR
Dustin A. Gress, MS, FACR
Soterios Gyftopoulos, MD, FACR
Alice S. Ha, MD, FACR
Tariq Arshad Hameed, MD, FACR
Darel Edward Heitkamp, MD, FACR
Travis S. Henry, MD, FACR
Benjamin M. Hentel, MD, FACR
Nicole Maria Hindman, MD, FACR
Bradford S. Hoppe, MD, FACR
Candace Howard-Claudio, MD, PhD, FACR
Anne Christine Hoyt, MD, FACR
Oluwayemisi Olajumoke Ibraheem, MD, FACR
Elizabeth Ann Jett, MD, FACR
George Lee Jordan, III, DO, FACR
Sheryl G. Jordan, MD, FACR
Aparna Joshi, MD, FACR
John Peter Kalabat, MD, FACR
Anthony Wing-Yui Kam, MD, PhD, FACR
Andrew V. Kayes, MD, FACR
Chris David Kazmierczak, MD, FACR
Teresa G. Kelly, MD, FACR
Mohammad K. Khan, MD, PhD, FACR
Paritosh C. Khanna, MD, FACR
Young Woo Kim, MD, FACR
Linda Anne Kloss, DO, FACR
Friedrich D. Knollmann, MD, PhD, FACR
M Stephen Ledbetter, MD, FACR
Karen Sisi Lee, MD, FACR
Christoph I. Lee, MD, FACR
Jeffrey M. Levsky, MD, FACR
Philip S. Lim, MD, FACR
Daniel Edward Long, MD, FACR
Jonathan Matthew Lorenz, MD, FACR
Ana P. Lourenco, MD, FACR
Danny Z Ma, MD, FACR
Afsaneh Maghsoudy, MD, FACR
Sharp F. Malak, MD, MPH, FACR
Ajay Malhotra, MD, FACR
Ajay R. Malpani, MD, FACR
Sabala R. Mandava, BS, MB, FACR
Feroz Maqbool, MD, FACR
Santiago Martinez-Jimenez, MD, FACR
Thomas C. Matson, MD, FACR
Katherine E. Maturen, MD, MS, FACR
Marcel M. Maya, MD, FACR
Joseph J Metes, MD, FACR
Lex A. Mitchell, MD, FACR
Greg T Mogel, MD, FACR
Tanya W. Moseley, MD, FACR
Alexandra Lydia Muschenheim, MD, FACR
David Naeger, MD, FACR
Jennifer E. Nathan, MD, FACR
Christopher Ng, MD, FACR
Roger Dale Nichols, II, MD, FACR
Michael Peter Norton, MD, FACR
James Thomas Norweck MS, FACR
Mark Christian Oswood, MD, FACR
Bertan Ozgun, MD, FACR
Theodore John Passe, MD, FACR
Pamela Martin Phillips, MD, FACR
Kenneth L. Pierce, MD, FACR
Jonathan P. Posin, MD, FACR
Prabhakar Rajiah, MD, FACR
Anil Rao, MD, FACR
Anne Mosalie Reddy, MD, FACR
Margarita V. Revzin, MD, MS, FACR
Joshua Michael Sapire, MD, FACR
Donald Floyd Schomer, MD, FACR
Rajeev Kisan Shah, MD, FACR
Douglas H. Sheafor, MD, FACR
Stephen Nelson Sides, MD, FACR
Roy J. Siragusa, MD, FACR
Jorge A. Soto, MD, FACR
Richard Southard, MD, FACR
Michael Joseph Stadnyk, MD, FACR
Bruce Gardner Stewart, MD, FACR
Christopher Allan Swingle, DO, FACR
Janet R. Szabo, MD, FACR
Alice Barnes Viroslav, MD, FACR
Stephen Anthony Waite, MD, FACR
Jeffrey M. Warhit, MD, FACR
Ashish Wasnik, MD, FACR
Robert E. Watson, Jr., MD, FACR
Daniel Edward Wessell, MD, PhD, FACR
Martha Ann Wiedman, MD, FACR
Ernest Wiggins, MD, FACR
Jeffrey Todd Williams, MD, FACR
Keith Hunt Wittenberg, MD, FACR
Michael John Wolf, MD, FACR
Kevin A. Wunderle, PhD, FACR
Harvey K. Yee, MD, FACR
Paula Yeghiayan, MD, FACR
Nancy N. Yue, MD, FACR




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