Commission on International Relations

The Commission on International Relations coordinates and oversees the expansion of ACR global influence to enhance the status of the College as a world-leading organization.

Commission Goals

  • Create and maintain relationships with other international radiology organizations, exchange information and share ideas for coordinated programs.
  • Distribute ACR products and information internationally.

Leadership & Staff

Jacqueline Anne Bello, MD, FACR


Meredith Amos, M.Ed.



Naiim Ali, MD Kyle Atcheson, MD Ralph Drosten, MB, BCh
Howard B. Fleishon, MD, MMM, FACR William T Herrington, MD, FACR Frank J. Lexa, MD, MBA, FACR
Christoph Wald, MD, PhD, MBA, FACR Sherry Shuai-Li Wang, MBBS