Access your ACR Login

Welcome to ACR Login

ACR Login, powered by Okta, is a new and easier way to access ACR websites and applications. ACR Login will not only streamline your login experience, but allow the ACR to further protect your data, and the data of all members.

ACR applications such as DART, NRDR and TRIAD were early adopters of ACR Login along with the new Conflict of Interest (COI) portal. Over time, ACR Login will be implemented across all ACR websites and applications requiring login.

What to Know About the ACR Login User Experience

Once you have been granted access to an application using ACR Login, ACR staff will create an ACR Login account for you. To finalize your account setup, you simply need to reset your password following the instructions below.

How to Finalize Your Account Setup

Navigate to  in your preferred web browser to access the ACR Login screen. Once there, click "Need help signing in?" and then "Forgot Password "


Next, Enter your email address. This must be the same email address that you used to receive the COI email. Click the "Reset via Email" button.


You will receive an email from 'ACR' ( with the subject 'ACR Login Password Reset'. This link is only valid for 2 hours, however you may repeat these steps to request another password reset email as many times as needed.

Upon clicking the 'Reset Password' button in the email above, you will be prompted to set (and repeat) a new password based on the requirements listed. Once the new password has been entered twice, click 'Reset Password'.

You have now successfully activated your ACR Login account!

You will be taken to your ACR Login dashboard ( ) dashboard. To access your desired application, just click on the application icon.