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The DCMRS leaders work hard in conjunction with the ACR to protect both our patients and the profession of radiology. The DCMRS is the voice of radiology here at the local level in the District of Columbia in representing the interests of its members before the government. Much of the policy for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement is also determined at the state level with direct input from the chapters. Through the ACR's facilitation, chapters have Medicare Advisory Committee representatives that make sure that federal policy is implemented with radiology's input.

The DCMRS is also a source of CME through our yearly lecture series This year's 5 lectures will be held at the Cosmos Club in Washington DC.

The DCMRS also Sponsored a breast imaging conference this past year for mammography CME.

Membership in the ACR also allows you numerous profession, educational and informational opportunities unavailable anywhere else. As an ACR member you will receive:

  • Complimentary subscriptions to 4 of the profession's leading publications
  • Member discounts on continuing education opportunities
  • Online resources at
  • An exceptional array of resource material on practice issues including partnerships and hospital contracts backed by the ACR staff's expertise in these issues.
  • Free job listing through the ACR Professional Bureau
  • Representation on Capitol Hill to protect and preserve the future of radiology

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