Location: San Diego, CA

During the 2023 ASTRO meeting in San Diego, CARROS members participated in an informal meeting of the ACR Commission on Radiation Oncology led by chair William Small, Jr., MD, FACR. The ACR continues to support the Journal Advisor, Radiation Oncology Practice Accreditation, NRG, TXIT (RO in-service examinations), RO Practice Parameters, RO education, and economic issues affecting radiation oncology.

Following the informal Commission meeting, the formal CARROS Meeting commenced with its Information Session titled Radiation Oncology Payment Policy Reform: Past, Present and Future. Chaired by Arya Amini, MD, the session was moderated by Terence Sio, MD, MS, & Hina Saeed, MD and featured the following faculty - Anne Hubbard, MBA, Constantine Mantz, MD, and Join Y. Luh, MD, FACR.