March 23, 2022

AIRP Announces Options for Residents to Attend March 2023 Rotation Course

Silver Spring, MD – The ACR Institute for Radiologic Pathology™ (AIRP®) will offer its March 2023 Four Week Radiologic Pathology Correlation Course in person and via livestream, the institute announced at this week’s Association of University Radiologists Annual Meeting.


The course is an immersive four-week learning experience for radiology residents where they learn to apply the principles of radiologic-pathologic correlation to the interpretation of radiologic studies.


“Recognizing the demands placed on radiology residents, the AIRP is excited to provide an option to participate in this vital course to individuals that otherwise would not be able to attend,” said Don Hatley, Senior Director, AIRP. “We believe this opportunity will provide radiology residents and their programs the flexibility needed to complete the course.”     


The March 2023 course will be livestreamed during the in-person sessions and will have interactive components such as chat, polling and a Q&A session.


The mission of the AIRP is to advance the science of radiology for radiology residents, fellows, practicing radiologists and other physicians through a pathophysiologic understanding of disease as the basis for radiologic interpretation through its unique training experience. In addition to offering the Four Week Radiologic Pathology Correlation Course for residents, the AIRP also offers categorical courses that provide radiologic-pathologic correlation for both radiology residents and practicing radiologists.


More information about the AIRP rotation course, including how to register, may be found on the ACR website.


For questions, please contact Don Hatley.