2021 Q&S Conference Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

Time is Brain: Decreasing Stroke CT-Head Reporting Time at a Comprehensive Stroke Center

Abhinav Patel, MD

Implementing ACR Guideline Based Structured Reporting for Significant Incidental Liver Lesions Does Not Assure Appropriate Follow-up

Connor Greally

How Are Our Residents Doing on Trauma Tonight? The Frequency of Overnight Resident-Faculty Report Discrepancies in Trauma Patients

Christine Peterson, MD

Tracking Imaging-Specific Quality Improvement Work Across a Large Integrated Multi-Facility Healthcare System

Jeffrey Rykken, MD

Characterizing Addenda in Pediatric Radiology

Samantha Schilling, BS

Increasing Efficiency in CT Trauma Scan Workflow: Experience at a Tertiary Center

Erika Wood

Clinical Benefits of Discontinuing Prescreening Kidney Function Tests for MRI Exams Requiring Contrast

Hunter Sellers, MD

Improving Consistency in Pediatric Breast Mass Follow-up Recommendations

Elizabeth Dobben, MD

Managing Incidental Findings

Kirsten Schofield