AIRP® Pediatric Radiology Categorical Course


This course will present a comprehensive review of pediatric radiology.

This course is a comprehensive review of pediatric radiology. Course material includes congenital anomalies of the CV system, neck, chest, GI and GU systems; infectious diseases of the chest and GU tract; acquired gastrointestinal emergent conditions and neoplasms of the liver, chest, kidneys and adrenal glands; inflicted trauma; cystic renal diseases; pattern approach to neonatal lung disease; dose reduction; and neurosonography.

The faculty includes nationally and internationally recognized speakers who will emphasize radiologic-pathologic correlation to enhance participants' understanding of pediatric radiology. For additional information, please visit
  • Identify imaging characteristics of pediatric lesions that contribute to the refining and tailoring of the differential diagnosis to that particular lesion
  • Describe how the underlying pathology of lesions contributes to their imaging appearances


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