AIRP® Breast Imaging Categorical Course


This course will present a comprehensive review of women’s imaging, including topics spanning conditions affecting the breast and pelvis.

Lack of understanding of the underlying pathology can lead to misinterpretation of radiologic images and the potential to overlook important complications such as mass associated ovarian torsion. This course will serve to provide that education to residents and as a refresher for practicing radiologists.

The faculty includes nationally and internationally recognized speakers who will emphasize radiologic-pathologic correlation to enhance participants' understanding of women’s imaging. For additional information, please visit
  • Identify imaging characteristics of lesions involving the breast, uterus, ovaries, fetal imaging and pelvic floor that allow for narrowing of the differential diagnosis
  • Illustrate how the underlying pathology of the lesion contributes to its imaging characteristics

Course topics

  • The pathologic basis of breast disease
  • Interpretation of breast MRI
  • Breast disease in men and young women
  • Breast calcifications
  • Uncommon breast cancers: expanding the differential
  • Breast masses: benign and malignant
  • Classic breast lesions
  • Molecular breast imaging

Materials covering topics within the female pelvis

  • Ultrasound evaluation of threatened abortion
  • Ultrasound evaluation of ectopic pregnancy
  • Ultrasound of the ovary: unknown cases
  • Imaging of ovarian masses
  • Imaging of the uterus
  • Imaging of the second-trimester fetus
  • Imaging of the pelvic floor
  • Non-neoplastic disorders of the ovary and adnexae


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