Diagnostic Radiology In-Training (DXIT) Exam

The DXIT™ Exam is scheduled annually in January for first- through fourth-year diagnostic and interventional radiology residents, as well as those in fellowships. 

Exam Timeline

Registration for the ACR 2025 DXIT Exam opens on March 25 – November 15, 2024. 

Late registration is November 16 – December 13, 2024.

DXIT Exam window is January 6 – 24, 2025.

DXIT Review period is January 27 – February 28, 2025.

Score Reports will be available approximately eight weeks after the Exam closes.

Exam Pricing



USA and Canada USD 235
All other regions USD 340
Registration Late Fee USD 150 per resident
Cancellation/Refund Fee* USD 100 per resident

*Cancellation and refund will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Existing Residency Programs will update their existing resident rosters in the Program and Practice Management (PMM). For new programs or questions regarding entering or updating residents in the PPM, please contact Trainee Update at traineeupdate@acr.org for assistance.

The following Program Guide provides information on how to update your resident roster and register your residents for the exam:

Program Guide

The new Program and Practice Management (PPM) application allows you to manage your resident information throughout the year, including resident levels. With the launch of this feature, ACR staff will no longer rescore reports due to incorrect resident level.

Registration Payment

Access to the Exam is not provided until the registration is paid in full.

The recommended payment method is by E-Check, which will take around five days. Credit cards will provide immediate payment.  When paying by credit card, limit the registrations on the order to the amount that your credit card will cover. Multiple orders may be needed. Both E-Check and credit cards payments are available through the PPM. See below for a guide on setting up E-Check and credit card payments. 

To pay by mail, make your check payable to ACR and mail it to:

Attn: DXIT
1892 Preston White Drive
Reston, VA 20191

Checks provided by mail may take two to three weeks to process once received by the ACR. Exams will not be provided to residents if the check payment is in the mail or being processed.

Alternate payment options (ACH or Wire Transfer) are available in the Program Guide.

E-Check/Credit Card Set-Up

Important Information for Programs

Before the Exam:

  • Review the Program Guide and Program FAQ.
  • Register your residents and verify your order has been paid in full prior to the Exam start.
  • Verify your resident levels in the PPM after the start of the new academic year. Score reports will not be rescored for incorrect resident levels.
  • Remind your residents to check their login information prior to the exam.
  • Notify intraining@acr.org with any special accommodations. These are due by the registration deadline.

During the Exam testing window:

  • Access the Exam Dashboard and verify your residents are completing the exam. Send reminders as necessary.
  • Schedule the Exam review with the residents during the Exam Review window.

After the Exam:

  • Have residents complete their Exam review.
  • You will be notified when the score reports are available, usually 8 weeks after the Exam closes.
Program Guide
  Program FAQs  

DXIT Exam Portal 

  DXIT Table of Specifications
 Residents Guide   Resident FAQs     Use of Score Data     


Important Information for Residents

Before the Exam:

  • Review the Residents Guide and Resident FAQ documentation.
  • The Exam is administered online using proctoring software. 
  • At least 72 hours before you want to take the Exam, confirm your login, complete your onboarding, which will verify your laptop and browser, and verify your resident level which can be located by your name top right of the Exam dashboard. If the level is incorrect, notify your Program Administrator. DO NOT contact the ACR. We are unable to change this information.

During the Exam testing window:

  • Do not wait until the last day to complete the Exam. If you have an issue, there may not be time to correct it.
  • If experiencing technical difficulty, contact the Proctortrack 24/7 support chat, or during ACR working hours, email intrainingexam@acr.org with a screen shot and detailed explanation of the issue. Messages are answered in a queue. Do not phone the ACR or request support through multiple methods. This may delay a response to your issue.
Residents Guide
Resident FAQs
DXIT Exam Portal 
DXIT Table of Specifications

 After the Exam:

  • Set up or confirm your Exam Review time with your Program Administrator.
  • Relax and wait for your score report. Take advantage of this time to use the DXIT Study Guide for topics you struggled with.

DXIT Study Guide

The new DXIT study guide is hosted on the Cortex platform. The interactive study guide replicates the In-Training Exam format and replaces the PDF files used previously.


For questions regarding the online Program and Practice Management process regarding entering new residents, please email the Trainee Update team at traineeupdate@acr.org.

For questions regarding the ACR In-Training Exams registration process, please email intrainingexam@acr.org.