Assistance for CMS Mammography Reimbursement Issues

A number of practices are experiencing payment problems with the CMS for mammography services, including digital. The FDA does not provide MQSA certificates that specifically state that a facility is certified to perform FFDM. Instead, they send CMS a weekly file containing the most recent approval information. Your payer must look at the current MQSA file to see whether your facility is certified to perform digital mammography.

See CMS Transmittal 913 on the handling of these files and provide a copy to your local payer. You should contact the appropriate CMS headquarter representatives:

  • Medicare Carrier for non-payment of the professional component
  • Medicare Fiscal Intermediary (FI) for non-payment of the technical component
Include your facility’s 6-digit FDA ID number from your MQSA certificate and your MQSA expiration date.