Amy Kotsenas, MD, FACR, Chair of the American College of Radiology® (ACR®) Commission on Membership and Communications, contributed this piece.

The field of radiology continues to rapidly evolve alongside an ever-changing economic outlook, advancing artificial intelligence (AI), and a focus on health equity. In 2022, the ACR announced a new strategic plan consisting of 12 interconnected objectives to support the overall goal of “Empowering the Radiologist of the Future” — a plan that supports improved health care equity, quality, delivery and outcomes.

Last year, the organization identified three objective accelerators to support three leading objectives of the strategic plan. “Convener of Conversations” strengthens multidirectional communication, “Organization of Opportunity” increases younger member engagement, and “Hub of AI and Emerging Technology Assessment and Advocacy” leverages emerging technology and artificial intelligence. A team was assigned to each objective accelerator, meeting regularly over the course of the year to identify and facilitate projects to support each objective accelerator.

Convener of Conversations: A dynamic, cross-functional team comprising staff from Human Resources, Membership, Marketing and Communications, and Publications undertook an endeavor to streamline member communications and improve staff responsiveness. The team integrated a ticketing system called Freshdesk, a centralized system which helps ensure that when you reach out to the ACR, you receive accurate information and the support you need quickly.

Organization of Opportunity: The ACR is committed to increasing young and early career member engagement by encouraging these members to get involved in our organization. The Organization of Opportunity accelerator team is developing a volunteer platform which allows members to access a centralized system to sign up for volunteer roles ranging from one-time micro-opportunities to yearlong commitments. We expect to launch the new platform by the ACR 2024 Annual Meeting.

Hub of AI and Emerging Technology Assessment and Advocacy: Radiologists are central to leveraging and mobilizing emerging technology and AI. The ACR Data Science Institute® (DSI) recently introduced two new programs on — Transparent-AI and AI-Central PRO — to empower radiologists and practices through ready access to clear, relevant information about AI products so our members can make better informed AI purchases. Look for further expansion of as DSI continues to engage and educate our community.

As we step into the new year, we look forward to continuing strategic collaboration between members and staff. Together, we are #FocusedForwardTogether into the next century of radiological care.

Learn about further Strategic Plan updates in the March issue of the ACR Bulletin.

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