Riddhi Borse, MD, Fourth Year Radiology Resident at Yale Radiology, contributed this piece.

Radiology is a dynamic and rapidly evolving specialty. For medical students aspiring to embark on a career in radiology, the journey can be both exciting and challenging. In this blog, we’ll explore five tips to help you navigate the intricate world of radiology education and training.

1. Learn about pathways to radiology: Everyone has a unique pathway to radiology. Taking rotations, sub-internships, electives and/or observerships both at your home school and away rotations at programs can give you a leg up, especially when it comes to residency interviews during ERAS season.

2. Build your foundation: Online platforms like RadDiscord, Radiopaedia and AuntMinnie offer a wealth of resources, including interactive case studies, lectures, and imaging quizzes. The ACR Medical Student Hub is another excellent resource which offers case studies, supplemental education and more, to provide deeper insight into the field of radiology and support you throughout your career.

3. Get involved: Participate in radiology interest groups within your medical societies and at your medical schools. The ACR offers free medical student membership and medical student-specific opportunities to get involved with the Medical Student Section. Also attend national/international radiology conferences such as ACR 2024 which can provide valuable networking opportunities and insights into the field.

4. Seek mentorship: Seek mentors such as residents, fellows or attendings early-on. They will be valuable resources as you explore subspecialties, navigate your journey to residency and throughout your ERAS application process.

5. Make connections: Having a strong social media presence on platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn should not be underestimated. Believe it or you’re your presence can help you form important connections, seek mentors and keep up with evolving trends in the field.

The ACR Medical Student Symposium is a free, one-day experience organized by medical students, for medical students, to explore the evolving field of radiology. Consider attending on Saturday, Jan. 27!

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