Rebecca Seidel, MD, and Kirang Patel, MD, Chair and Vice-Chair of the American College of Radiology® (ACR®) Bulletin Editorial Advisory Group, contributed this piece.

The United States healthcare system produces nearly 10% of America’s greenhouse gas emissions, and research shows that radiology departments are likely a significant contributor. We have an opportunity and responsibility to positively impact the environmental footprint made by our healthcare system and contribute to a sustainable future for all.

To minimize our carbon footprint and optimize resources, the ACR Bulletin joined many organizations in August 2023 to shift to a digital-forward format. Being fully digital offers advantages by aiding the dissemination of information and propelling the field of radiology into an era of efficiency and accessibility.

With traditional printed magazines/journals like the Bulletin, there's often a considerable lag between information dissemination and publication which slowed down the integration of new information to our audience and readers. A digital platform eliminates this delay, enabling rapid publication and dissemination of knowledge and information to our ACR and radiology community. Being fully digital also helps enhance our accessibility for a global audience, ensuring that our information is not confined to specific geographic regions or institutions and instead fosters collaboration and a broader understanding of material and content.

It’s an exciting time to embrace our new digital era. Check out ACR resources on sustainability in radiology and view our November 2023 issue

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