Ryan Morrison, BS, Chair of the American College of Radiology® (ACR®) Medical Student Subcommittee, contributed this piece.

Match Day is a celebration of the years of hard work medical students go through, which starts even before medical school. During some of the most stressful times of medical school, I looked forward to opening my envelope on Match Day to reveal where I would go to do my residency.

Match Day is a time to reflect during an important period of transition. As medical students, we are constantly working hard and rarely have time to come up for air. Match Day allows us to look back at all that we have learned and be proud of what we’ve accomplished. It also allows us to look forward to residency, where we will gain the skills and knowledge to become a practicing physician.

When fellow colleagues ask me how to best set themselves up for a successful Match Cycle, I always point them to organizations such as the ACR. The ACR has truly embraced medical students and has a thriving community of students involved in a variety of projects through the Medical Student Subcommittee. One of the best ways to get involved at any point of the year is to volunteer as a Rad Reserve, in which you can pick and choose what projects to join as your schedule allows. In addition, each May, year-long membership positions for the Medical Student Subcommittee open for applications.

Beyond joining radiology organizations, I would encourage those interested in radiology to start their own projects. Co-founding the ACR Medical Student Symposium, in addition to the American College of Radiology Association® Pre-Radiology section of the Radiology Advocacy Network, were amazing learning experiences in addition to being excellent networking opportunities. Creating a project where other medical students can come together to accomplish a goal is a great way to meet others interested in radiology as well.

Finally, I would suggest getting a mentor. I would not be where I am without my mentors, particularly the prior chair of the Medical Student Subcommittee, Neil Jain, DO. Mentors are critical to success and can guide you on your own journey.

I am beyond excited to be joining the radiology community this Match Cycle and cannot wait to see where my fellow colleagues end up going to do their residencies. Congratulations to all – this is just the beginning of an exciting journey!

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