Florence Doo, MD, 2022–2023 Fellow, American College of Radiology® (ACR®) Fellowship in Informatics, contributed this piece.

Radiology is constantly evolving and innovating as the medical field’s de facto imaging informaticists. As technology continues to advance, informatics infrastructure is critical to clinical implementation, and radiologists are ideal innovators and thought leaders. The ACR Fellowship in Informatics has been a unique and invaluable opportunity for me to gain practical experience and network with radiology informatics leaders.

My experience started by learning about the resources and initiatives of the ACR Data Science Institute. Not only did I have a birds-eye view of the ACR Informatics infrastructure, but also hands-on experience exploring artificial intelligence and informatics tools that I’ll be able to use beyond my fellowship. I also attended the ACR Imaging Informatics Summit, an excellent tour-de-force of radiology informatics talks and an incredible networking opportunity to meet top leaders in the field. Now, I’m looking forward to my upcoming visit to the University of Pennsylvania where I’ll learn more about informatics implementation in a clinical setting.

All of us in radiology are data scientists and informaticists – it’s just a matter of scale. It’s exciting to gain the skills needed to lead the future of radiology AI/informatics. Consider applying to the ACR Fellowship if you’re interested in a career in this pathway.

I’d like to share some advice for those thinking of taking the next steps to apply for the fellowship:

  • Prior to applying, reach out to your residency or fellowship program to check for flexibility with scheduling, as mine did.
  • Candidates do not have to be experts in informatics to apply – that’s the whole point of this opportunity! However, if you do have experience, make sure you highlight any ACR or informatics-related items.
  • Read the application requirements carefully. Make sure to emphasize your motivation for pursuing the ACR fellowship, and request your letter of recommendation early to give your mentor time to write a good letter.

After the conclusion of my dual fellowship year, I’m proud to say I will be taking on the role of Director of Innovation at the University of Maryland Medical Intelligent Imaging Center. I’m thankful to everyone who has supported my informatics learning journey – and of course I’d like to pay that forward to our community. Best of luck to those considering the ACR Fellowship in Informatics!

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