Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR, Senior Associate Dean, Weill Cornell Medicine and Professor of Clinical Radiology and Population Health Sciences, and Daniel J. Durand, MD, Chief Clinical Officer and Chairman of Radiology at LifeBridge Health, contributed this piece.

There is great opportunity for the implementation and advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare applications. Telehealth, AI, top of license practice and point of care diagnostics are changing the way we practice medicine today. Wide disparities in access to care between high-income and low- and middle-income countries create both opportunities for AI to compound returns on investments in imaging infrastructure, as well as risk of propagating bias and inequities in care. How can AI solve challenges like these to build tomorrow’s informatics solutions?

To level the playing field, the global imaging community must steward investments and work collaboratively with industry partners in ways that advantage the patients we serve. During the Embracing an AI-Enabled Future for Diagnostic Medicine keynote, we will take a global view of the opportunities and challenges, as well as discuss the promise of integrative diagnostics fueled by AI.

During the Disrupting Traditional Healthcare Models with Distributed Networks keynote, we will begin by reviewing the macroscopic forces that reshaped healthcare before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will then explore the informatics requirements of novel care delivery models such as “hospital at home” and discuss how the concepts of virtual care and value-based care have created conditions ripe for disruption of the traditional brick-and-mortar mode. Finally, we will consider opportunities for radiologists to leverage these concepts within our own field and identify ways that we can preemptively support and integrate with the emerging winners in the distributed care ecosystem.

We are looking forward to sharing more during the ACR 2022 Imaging Informatics Summit. This year’s event is happening Oct. 22 to 23 and will focus on solving today’s informatics problems to build tomorrow’s solutions. More than 25 speakers — all experts in imaging informatics — will gather to bring you helpful tools and resources for your organization or practice. Join us virtually or at the Grant Hyatt Washington in Washington, DC!

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