Amy K. Patel, MD, a breast radiologist and chair of the ACR Young and Early Career Professional Section, contributed this post. You can connect with her on Twitter @amykpatel.

Now more than ever, our radiology community must support and offer resources to young radiologists who will shape the future of our specialty. During these unprecedented times, I feel it is imperative that we find additional ways to connect and ensure we are working on behalf of and advocating for young radiologists’ best interests.

The American College of Radiology® (ACR®) Young and Early Career Professional Section (YPS) Executive Committee supports this initiative, and we are striving to engage our demographic this year in novel and innovative ways. For example, we are proud to announce the unveiling of the ACR YPS Webinar Series, an array of webinars throughout the year focusing on timely topics affecting young radiologists in this country. Upcoming webinars include “Job Hunting During an Economic Crisis,” which is in collaboration with the ACR Resident and Fellow Section and the American Association for Women in Radiology, and “Practice Leadership During COVID-19,” in collaboration with the Radiology Leadership Institute®, focusing on young radiologists navigating leadership roles during times of crisis.

The ACR YPS is also proud to partner with Cody Quirk, MD, and The Hounsfield Unit podcast. This podcast will feature bite-sized, meaningful, relevant and honest discussions about topics affecting young radiologists in this country, such as addressing health inequities in our patient populations, wellness, venture capital groups and radiology.

We must equip young radiologists with the tools for success for growth, both professionally and personally. In a time where many focus on the doom and gloom of what the future holds in health care — and particularly for our workforce demographic — we must make a concerted effort to support, mentor and sponsor in any way we can, to overcome the challenges we face and continue to build on the success of our specialty for a brighter tomorrow.

Visit the ACR YPS webpage to learn more about the webinar series and find out how you can get further involved.

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