Cheri L. Canon, MD, FACR, professor and chair of radiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine, contributed this post.

The Intersociety Committee, established in 1979, is a freestanding committee staffed by the American College of Radiology. Our mission is to “establish and promote communication among the leaders of national radiological societies and to provide them with open access to all the resources of the College through the committee, with the chair serving as an ombudsman for all radiologic organizations.”

The committee meets annually to discuss topics affecting all aspects of radiology, most recently including diversity and inclusion, burnout and wellness, and building high-functioning teams. As leaders, we have the opportunity and responsibility to uphold a culture of inclusiveness and safety across members of all radiological societies.

The following Statement of Professionalism reflects our ideology of all under the House of Radiology, including radiologists, interventional radiologists, radiation oncologists and medical physicists:

"We, the members of the House of Radiology, believe that every member of our many organizations should be valued and feel included. All voices should be heard.

To assure a collaborative and inclusive culture, radiologists, interventional radiologists, radiation oncologists, and medical physicists should conduct themselves in a professional manner, respecting all individuals, including patients and colleagues, and advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. We welcome all members. We shall not discriminate based upon gender, sexual orientation, nationality, geography, race, ethnicity, age, ability, religion, or experience.

While we embrace free speech and the power of open discourse and debate during our professional society meetings and on social media platforms, we do not condone any forms of harassment, bullying, or speech that marginalizes or attacks others, and will respond if we witness any such behavior.

By upholding this endorsed Statement of Professionalism, we promise to treat each human being with steadfast dignity, kindness and respect at all times so that our central mission remains focused on providing exceptional, compassionate care for all."

We ask all radiological societies to adopt this statement into appropriate communications and organization-specific codes of conduct. Together, we can transform the culture of the House of Radiology.

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