June 24, 2019

Q&A Voiding Urosonography

Q: How is a voiding urosonography (ultrasound voiding cystourethrography) reported?

A: A voiding urosonography (ultrasound voiding cystourethrography) is reported with codes 51600, Injection procedure for cystography or voiding urethrocystography, and 74455, Urethrocystography, voiding, radiological supervision and interpretation. These codes are used to report the injection of the contrast material and the radiological supervision and interpretation of the exam regardless of the type of imaging or contrast material used for the procedure. Similarly, if performing ultrasound cystography (eg, for evaluation for suspected or known enterovesical fistula in a patient with inflammatory bowel disease), it is appropriate to report the exam with codes 51600 and 74430, Cystography, minimum of 3 views, radiological supervision and interpretation.