February 28, 2017

AMA 2017 Errata Posted

A number of corrections have been posted to the AMA's Errata & Technical Corrections web page

Note the following radiology/radiation oncology corrections:

Stereotactic Radiation Treatment Delivery

77402 Radiation treatment delivery, > 1 MeV; simple

77407 Radiation treatment delivery, > 1 MeV; intermediate

77412 Radiation treatment delivery, > 1 MeV; complex

Revise codes 77402, 77407, 77412 to reflect greater than or equal to symbol.

Category III

0159T Computer-aided detection, including computer algorithm analysis of MRI image data for lesion detection/ characterization, pharmacokinetic analysis, with further physician review for interpretation, breast MRI (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure)

Sunset January 2017 2022

Revise sunset date for Category III code 0159T to reflect January 2022, as code 0159T has been retained for another 5 years.

Index - Percutaneous Pleural Fluid Drainage

With Imaging . . . . . . 32556 32557

Without Imaging . . . . 32557 32556

Revise the percutaneous pleural fluid drainage reference to reflect the appropriate with and without imaging codes. Code 32556 should reflect “without imaging”, and code 32557 should reflect “with imaging.”