February 28, 2013

ACR Radiology Coding Source™ for January-February 2013 Q and A

Q: What Is (Are) the Appropriate CPT Code(s) to Report a Cardiac CT Stress Perfusion Study?

A: A cardiac CT stress perfusion study should be reported using CPT code 75574 (Computed tomographic angiography, heart, coronary arteries and bypass grafts (when present), with contrast material, including 3D image post-processing (including evaluation of cardiac structure and morphology, assessment of cardiac function, and evaluation of venous structures, if performed) and one of the appropriate cardiac stress test codes (93015-93018). The total volume of contrast given for stress and rest imaging (if performed) and the stress test agent should be reported as well. 

If rest perfusion imaging is performed in addition to stress perfusion imaging, it is not appropriate to report a second cardiac CT study code. Only one cardiac CT code should be reported.