February 28, 2010

ACR Radiology Coding Source™ January-February 2010

Medicare POS/DOS Instructions Rescinded

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) retracted Transmittal 1873, which provided instructions on how to report Place of Service (POS) and Date of Service (DOS) for professional and technical components of diagnostic tests.

The ACR and Radiology Business Management Association were part of a multi-organizational effort that asked CMS to delay the proposed requirements and to clarify the reporting of DOS and POS under unique radiology practice arrangements. Realizing there would be problems and confusion with complying with these new regulations, CMS rescinded the transmittal until further policy clarification can be provided on a variety of clinical scenarios.

The ACR and other organizations will continue to work with CMS to ensure that radiology practices can comply with future requirements without any unintended adverse operational and cost consequences or adverse patient care implications. Any member who has questions may call Helen Olkaba of the Economics and Health Policy Department at holkaba@acr-arrs.org.

Click here for a copy of the October 29, 2009 multi-organizational letter to CMS which requested a delay in Transmittal 1873.